Events & Meetings

Our next business meeting will be held Tuesday Dec. 7th at the Clarke County Rec center meeting room at 6:30-7:45.

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Election Day is November 2, 2021

You can vote early at the government center in Berryville at 101 Chalmers Court. Second Floor. There is also a drop box outside the building for no excuse absentee voting ballots.

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Our Mission

The CCDC is dedicated to mobilizing the residents of Clarke County to elect Democratic candidates with progressive values at the local, state, and national level who support policies that create a thriving economy and flourishing environment for all members of our community.

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LaRock Must Go

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee, the Clarke County Democratic Committee and the Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee call for the immediate removal of the representative of 33rd House District, Delegate David LaRock. We do not make this call lightly; however, with the statements and actions that Delegate David LaRock has made leading up to and during the seditious insurrection that unfolded within the halls of the Capitol, Delegate David LaRock’s immediate resignation is both appropriate, urgent, and necessary.

Leading up to the violent mob action that surged inside the U.S. Capitol vandalizing, desecrating and attempting to hold members of congress hostage, Delegate David LaRock used the influence of his office to spread false claims about widespread voter fraud and incite and encourage sedition. Delegate David LaRock went as far as to call for the joint session of congress to not certify the election results, which had already been certified by the state of Virginia in pursuance to the law. Additionally, Delegate David LaRock was outside the Capitol building among the mob and continued to promote false claims on his social media platforms during the event.

Delegate David LaRock has not only abused the trust that constituents have with their elected representatives by continuously spreading false claims and trying to stop the constitutional duties of the joint session but has also been complicit in the violence that ensued on January 6th, 2021. This is a direct dereliction of his duties under that law and has put not only his constituents but all of the country in danger.

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