Issue Teams Launch

Right now we’ve got three “teams” that have agreed to meet regularly by phone or in person to focus on key issue we care about. We’ve got:

The Green Team:

This team is currently researching environmental topics such as the effects of one-time use plastics have on our environment. We’re asking ourselves if we might get local businesses to voluntarily reduce the use of plastics such as plastic check-out bags and straws. This plastic is ending up in the ocean and threatening our very food chain. Plastics can end up washing down creeks into rivers in Clarke County, into the Chesapeake and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday April 3rd. We’re hosting a public event on threats to our local air and water quality. We will hear from two guest speakers. Jim Surikamp from neighboring Jefferson County, WV will talk about the Toxic Rockwool plant now under construction. And Alison Teeter, Clarke County Natural Resources Planner will talk about the newly updated water resource plan.

The Healthcare Team

The Healthcare Team is researching public policy and bills in the state legislature. It’s also planning a public forum for April 27th on Substance Abuse. We’re inviting several nonprofits in the area and candidates to serve as a panel. We’ll have public Q&A so bring your good questions.

Local Government Team

We need people to attend local government meetings such as school boards and Berryville City council. What are the hotbutton issues bubbling up locally?